Tools and Resources

Here is a list of tools that help me go through the day, month, and year.

(Please note, this article contains links to respective websites. I only recommend products that I use and love. I hope you will love them too)


Being Better

Lumosity: I am not sure if Lumosity Games improve memory, processing speed, and flexibility as they claim but I love them!

Daily Stoic: Daily Stoic (Website, Daily Emails, and Book) is a great resource with knowledge and wisdom of ancient philosophy for better living.

Youtube: Well, It’s easy to get into the Youtube rabbit hole and get completely distracted but the website is one of the best learning tools.

Udemy: For learning new things. It has both free and paid content.


Travel Tools

Airbnb: For booking unique stays like cottages, tiny houses, Bandas, and glamping sites or local experiences.

Booking com: For booking hotels, b&bs, hostels campsites, or lodges especially in cities and towns.

Couchsurfing: I use Couchsurfing when I want to be hosted by locals, especially in remote places.

Google Maps: For navigation and creating destination routes, accommodation spots, and things to do.


Planning and To-Do Lists

Notion: I recently found this planning app (web and mobile). I am learning how to use it. But it is good so far.

Trello: “Trello Is the Fun, Flexible and Free Way To Organize Plans, Projects & More. Go From Idea To Action In Seconds With Trello’s Intuitively Simple Boards, Lists & Cards.”


Scheduling and Email

Mailchimp: “Mailchimp has email marketing, ads, landing pages, and CRM tools to grow your business on your terms.”

Google Tools: Google Analytics, Maps, Spreadsheets, Developer tools, Gmail, and Drive are just but a few of the most useful tools out there.

Hootsuite: For planning and scheduling social media content/posts for businesses or personal accounts.


Web Tools for Work and Hosting

Github: The best tool there is for building and sharing and hosting code and other work.

Cloudflare: I use Cloudflare’s SSL Certificates for my websites. It is free!

Paypal: For receiving and sending payments worldwide.

Mpesa: For sending and receiving mobile payments.

Godaddy: For hosting services and domain names.

Befunky:  Best so far for editing images online.

Snappa: For editing cover images for Pinterest.

Unsplash: For free high-quality images.

Pexels: Also for Free high-quality images.

Pixabay: An alternative to Unsplash.

Flaticon: For high-quality icons.


Investing – Crypto and Stocks

Binance: I use Binance P2P for Trading Cryptocurrency With Mpesa.

Coinbase: An alternative to Binance. I find it harder to Use though.

AIB Capital: For Nairobi Stock Exchange Trades.

People who Inspire me

David Goggins: Goggins is what I call “Man in the Arena”. He is the best there is for mental toughness and getting your act together. I follow him on Instagram.

Naval Ravikant: I follow him on Twitter for startup ideas and ethical living advice. He is very knowledgeable about building and running businesses/startups.

David Nahinga: He is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world of Architecture. I follow him on Twitter.

Sahil Lavingia: His tweets are thoughtful and enlightening. He also writes about building and supporting businesses. I follow him on Twitter.

Jocko Willink: Jocko Willink, just like David Goggins, drives me to do more and be better. I follow him on Instagram.

Stoic Emperor: For stoic meditations and wisdom. His epigrams are original and thoughtful. I follow him on Twitter.

Chris Guillebeau: I call him the “Master of Side Hustles”. His latest book – The Money Tree –  is amazing. I follow him on Twitter and Online.


Other Interests

Books: Travel Literature, African History, and Business.

Music: Viking Metal, Indie Folk, Rock, Benga & any other cool genre.

Outdoors: Ultra-running and Adventure travel.

Which other tools and resources can you recommend? Who else do you think I should be following? Write to me on Twitter or send me an email at