Favorite Books and 2022 Reading List


My Favorite Books “I love everything that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines.” ― Oliver Goldsmith, The Vicar of Wakefield. Below is my reading … Read more

Ithaca – A Poem by C.P Cavafy


Ithaca by C. P. CAVAFY “Ithaca was the home of Odysseus, whose journey is well described in the book Odyssey by Homer. Cavafy’s poem is one of the great comments … Read more

Ethical Wealth Creation by Naval


How to Get Rich (without getting lucky) “Seek wealth, not money or status.” ~ Naval On May 31, 2018, Naval Ravikant dropped one of the best (if not the best) … Read more

The 5 Platonic Solids or Regular Solids


Geometry – the study of shapes, sizes, positions, angles, and dimensions of things – has fascinated people since ancient times. From history books, we see shapes and their application by … Read more